Business Manager Lisa Marquez at Miami Area Unified School District, BoardDocs 2,000th subscriber, had this to say: "Our district's decision to adopt BoardDocs showed many positive views. BoardDocs will increase the amount of time board members have to review the agenda, enabling them to better prepare for meetings. Electronic distribution not only saves time and resources, but it also provides unprecedented public access via our website to agenda items and other board-related information."

Matthew Mοllica, Lead Developer

Matthew Mοllica brings more than 15 years of senior Web applications development experience to Emerald Data Solutions. His expertise includes software development for national and internationally acclaimed organizations, including Cisco, 3Com, Hewlett Packard, McAfee, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, to name a few.

Mr. Mοllica has created leading-edge content management systems, event management systems, Web portals and publishing wizards. His expert level programming skills include cross-browser development in HTML, CSS, AJAX and rich content, as well as extensive back-end logic design. Additionally, he has senior level experience with server administration, Web analytics, email marketing, and Linux/Unix/Macintosh.

For Cisco, Mr. Mοllica created a worldwide events management system, which allowed the Company to manage their conferences online, including customer registration and event evaluation. Cisco was also able to use the system for extensive event reporting.

His work with 3Com began in the mid-90s. After 3Com acquired a small networking company where Mr. Mοllica was employed, they hired him as a senior consultant - a relationship that spanned more than a decade. There, he developed both small applications and global systems for 3Com, including the 3Com Partners Program, in which Mr. Mοllica created a way for non-developers to manage content on the Web. Mr. Mοllica also developed powerful applications for the program, a complex system that still exists today and boasts hundreds of thousands of users. Global in scope, the solution includes Web site portals for different regions of the world, in multiple languages.

Additionally, Mr. Mοllica created a dynamic database for 3Com that tracked competitor information. The application was implemented when the first wireless Palm Pilots were introduced in the US market, enabling 3Com sales force to access the database remotely to research and deliver competitive advantages while in the field.

For Hewlett Packard, Mr. Mοllica developed multiple customer service-based applications, and for McAfee, he created a series of applications that allowed clients to customize and place orders for print ads and collateral materials online. Mr. Mοllica’s work for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health included developing a database management system for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, an initiative that provides nutrition and health education, healthy food and other services free of charge to low-income Massachusetts families.

For his work on the 3Com Partners Program, Mr. Mοllica’s team received the prestigious IBM Lotus Beacon Award for “Excellence in Partnering”, a recognition that is given once a year to IBM business partners worldwide for innovation and quality in applying IBM technologies and services.