“The BoardDocs process saves time and money. Their new products make the process of putting together the board agenda even less time consuming, allowing us to focus on our other duties. The board meeting of tomorrow!”


– Lisa Matthews
Administrative Assistant to the CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, OH

The Toledo Public School Board Is Changing The Way It Conducts Meetings

A new state-of-the-art document management system called BoardDocs was unveiled during a board meeting on Oct. 26. It's a web-based system that allows board members to publish and revise board meeting agenda items and update policies and procedures.

"It helps us be more efficient," said TPS Board President Bob Vasquez. "It helps us save some money, it helps us go green without holding onto paperwork, and also it helps the audience that comes to the board meetings see a lot of what we're doing."

BoardDocs will also allow better access to the community. It's expected to be completely in use in January.

Former board president and current Toledo City Councilman Dr. Steve Steele came up with the plan when he was on the board. He unveiled a similar plan for council earlier that day.