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2015.08.06: BoardDocs Update - Additional XML Fields

What is XML?

XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language. XML is a coding language which gives a programmer or webmaster, the ability to take raw website data and display it in a manner of their choosing. Additionally, XML enables you to generate reports from this data using Excel, Access and Crystal reports.

Check out how some of our subscribers are utilizing their XML Feeds: 

Baltimore County Public Schools MD
Current Meeting Agenda - http://www.bcps.org/board/agendas/

Park City School District UT
Policies - http://www.pcschools.us/index.php?page=206

For a list of available XML Feeds please click here.

What is the update?
For those utilizing the Active and Current Meetings XML feeds, they will now include Budgetary fields. These fields are available on an agenda item when the Agenda Type is Action or Action (Consent). 

How do I enable this feature?
In order for the Budgetary Fields to display in the feed, two requirements in BoardDocs Options need to be met.​ 

  1. Go to Options > Agenda. Beneath the "Agenda Item Content" section, change the Agenda Style to Detailed and Save.
  2. Go to Options > Site. Beneath the "XML Feeds" section, check the Enable box next to the desired field and Save.

Note: If you change the Agenda Style in Site Options from Detailed to Simple, and save, the fields will no longer display in Options. However, if you change back from Simple to Detailed and save, the options reappear unchecked. At which point you can re-check them to make them active in the XML feed.

When will I get this update? 
The update has already been released to all BoardDocs subscribers.

Is there anything that I need to do?
As always, please periodically check your options to assure they are configured for your organization's specific needs. Then inform your users of these new features. 

Need more information?

Help is always a click away. Click here to view the online BoardDocs Help.
Also, ever want to see a past list of updates we've released?