Benefits of Board Management Solutions

Time Gained, Money Saved

Huntington Community Schools, IN

Huntington County Community School Corporation staff knew the district needed to find a solution to save time, money and resources when compiling board packets. A district courier physically delivered paper packets to seven board members in a county-wide setting. Thus, any last minute agenda changes meant the board packet had to be reprinted and redelivered to the board members.

With ISBA BoardDocs Pro, the district no longer prints paper packets and the administrative staff has easy access to current and previous meeting resources. The solution cut the time in half for preparing agenda and meeting materials, and provided all users with a powerful and easy-to-use search feature.

“We save a great deal of time now. With BoardDocs anyone can see documents online and get answers to their questions without phone calls or emails to the office – they find what they need!” said Cindy Gray, Executive Secretary.

One-Stop Communication

For Superintendent Randy Harris, ISBA BoardDocs Pro benefits the school board business process in many ways. “Any information I want to change or update with board members can be found in BoardDocs. Our Board is more unified because we all see the same information and are on the same page for meetings. Plus, they know exactly where to go to locate the information created for them,” explains Harris.

Additionally, the district’s BoardDocs site contains a library of communications dating back five years.

Board Member Perspective

Board members appreciate that ISBA BoardDocs Pro is web-based and accessible from any device. MacBooks are used for board business and during meetings, votes are easily documented and appear on the screen. “It’s definitely made our meetings more simplistic, and board members love the ease of use.” said Gray.

Top-notch Training

Training for ISBA BoardDocs Pro was seamless for the district. “Our district was trained on a Monday, and I was able to put a board packet out that Wednesday. The BoardDocs support team is friendly and very reliable. It’s so nice to get a live person that can quickly help when you’re in the middle of a project.” said Gray.

Gray also likes the annual BoardDocs Workshop – eGovLIVE. “It’s a free conference that is so beneficial. I learn something that saves me time and helps me better support board governance each time I attend.” stated Gray.

About Huntington County Community School District

The district represents the largest geographical, county-wide school corporation in Indiana. It encompasses one preschool; seven elementary schools; two middle schools; one high school, a new tech high school and a middle alternative school. Located in northeast Indiana near Fort Wayne, the district educates over 5,000 students.