Creating Efficiencies for Council Members City of Worland, WY

Wealth of Information Immediately Available

The City of Worland was determined to make it easier for City Council members and department heads to find information in board packets. “Prior to BoardDocs, our agenda packets were getting larger and larger and we wasted a lot of paper. Many times the Council found it hard to locate documents in the packets which made conducting meetings difficult,” said Tracy Glanz, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Worland, WY.

The City subscribed to BoardDocs LT in 2016. Since transitioning Council meetings to BoardDocs, their governing body now has quick access to agendas, accompanying documents and historical information. This data is available to them on their electronic devices at anytime, from anywhere. The population also benefits as they can easily search and view public information.

“BoardDocs LT is extremely user-friendly. This is the only software that I can honestly say,”I haven’t had a need to contact the support team,” stated Glanz. Council members were hesitant to make the change to a cloud-based board management solution but found it simple. The transition was seamless from the first Council meeting.

Small City Finds Tremendous Value

Some smaller cities and towns, like the City of Worland, believe electronic board management systems are necessary. “You have to make the initial commitment but there is a financial savings,” mentioned Glanz. Like many other municipalities, last minute changes are made to agendas. Glanz can now receive an agenda change at 3:00 p.m. the night of a Council meeting and easily make the required adjustments and finalize the council packet. It no longer requires staying late to create the agenda and standing hours at the copier to produce the packet. The agenda creation process times have been cut in half allowing her to focus on other responsibilities. The City also experienced a cost savings in paper and copier toner.

Other unexpected benefits realized using BoardDocs include more public transparency as information is readily available which reduced the number of phone calls. Also, the ability to create minutes during meetings simplifies follow up. Lastly, and more importantly, the BoardDocs solution is very secure and there is less concern about cybersecurity.

“Cities can’t afford not to use an electronic board management solution,” stated Glanz. “It is so much easier to do everything online with BoardDocs.”