Faster Responses & Better Governance

Wealth of Information Immediately Available

Pioneer Library System, OK

Most people don’t realize the benefits of having a searchable board management solution. Amigos BoardDocs has the most comprehensive search features available. If information is asked for during a board meeting it can be easily found and shared in real-time. “The Amigos BoardDocs search and MetaSearch functions are by far my favorite features,” stated Audrey Ansari, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director, Pioneer Library System. “I’m able to search and easily find every meeting that a specific topic was discussed. Each agenda item along with attachments instantly appear.”

Ms. Ansari explained that she can easily find historical information during a board meeting and immediately provide it to the Board of Trustees which allows for more efficient governance. Board minutes, policies, goals, attachments, and more are searchable, which provides information to staff members or the public thereby increasing transparency.

Tremendous Savings in Multiple Areas

“It is difficult to tell you all of the savings we experienced after subscribing to BoardDocs; there are so many,” said Ansari. “There is time savings in creating agendas and minutes, not to mention how quickly information is accessed. Money savings was experienced in paper, copy toner, and only having to subscribe to one product – Amigos BoardDocs Pro. We don’t have to waste our time and money using two, three, or even four different programs for board meetings – it is all available in BoardDocs. The solution is amazing to use and only takes common sense to navigate.”

Technology can be overwhelming to board members but for Pioneer Library System it was a simple transition. The functionality and benefits take a tremendous load off of the administrative staff and board members. “Everybody that has come in contact with BoardDocs only has positive comments,” stated Ansari.

Perfect Solution – BoardDocs Pro

Pioneer Library System wanted the most comprehensive suite of tools available. Their final choice was Amigos BoardDocs Pro – the fastest, easiest and most powerful electronic agenda solution on the market. Pro includes private document annotation for board members, integrated goal management and tracking, as well as policy services development, among other advanced features

Overachieving Expectations

Ms. Ansari realized how important it is to have a support team that is willing to go over and above the call of duty. “People lose sight of how valuable it is to have an actual person help you. Even on items that don’t pertain to the solution such as our own Internet issue,” said Ansari. “Every time I call I get a real person who is willing to help me and items seem to be fixed instantaneously. BoardDocs wants to make sure we are using the full capacity of the board management solution.”

About Pioneer Library System

The Pioneer Library System service area consists of 1,903 square miles and 352,000 residents. Governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees, responsible for three counties including 11 branches, seven information stations, two 24-hour library kiosks and a community place. It is currently adding two new branches to the Cleveland County area.