Success Stories

The Insider Secret on How Do Computers Do Math Discovered

The 5-Minute Rule for How Do Computers Do Math Applied mathematicians frequently are needed to collaborate with different workers in their organizations to locate common solutions to problems. Furthermore, if students have questions regarding the game they are playing, they don’t will need to interrupt my teaching. In their math… Read More

Ghost Writing: Kein Geheimnis Mehr

Verständnis Ghostwriting Harmonious in der christlichen Musikindustrie ist eine ganz andere Sache, aber, wie es einige spezielle Kenntnisse erfordert. ghostwriting agenturen Wenn Sie Benutzererfahrung brechen, wird es eine der abstrakten und doch präzise Darstellungen von Zweck und Mittel im style. Es ist so einfach zu verzetteln Ihre eigene Sache… Read More

Faster Responses & Better Governance

Wealth of Information Immediately Available Pioneer Library System, OK Most people don’t realize the benefits of having a searchable board management solution. Amigos BoardDocs has the most comprehensive search features available. If information is asked for during a board meeting it can be easily found and shared in real-time. “The… Read More

Boost Board Effectiveness

Saving Trees, One Board Packet at a Time Erie’s Public Schools, PA For nearly five years, the Erie’s School District has saved a great deal of money and time with PSBA BoardDocs Pro. The old method of preparing board packets was time consuming and costly. Materials were typed, copied, three-hole… Read More

Benefits of Board Management Solutions

Time Gained, Money Saved Huntington Community Schools, IN Huntington County Community School Corporation staff knew the district needed to find a solution to save time, money and resources when compiling board packets. A district courier physically delivered paper packets to seven board members in a county-wide setting. Thus, any last… Read More

Creating Efficiencies for Council Members City of Worland, WY

Wealth of Information Immediately Available The City of Worland was determined to make it easier for City Council members and department heads to find information in board packets. “Prior to BoardDocs, our agenda packets were getting larger and larger and we wasted a lot of paper. Many times the Council… Read More

St. Mary’s County, MD Relies on BoardDocs for Greater Public Transparency

St. Mary’s County is the fastest growing county in the state of Maryland with a population of over 105,000. Located on a peninsula in Southern Maryland with over 500 miles of shoreline on the Patuxent River, Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. It is governed by a five-member board of Commissioners. Read More