New Way of Doing Board Business

Warren County School District, PA

District finds great success with board and policy work using BoardDocs Pro!

A New Way of Doing Business

In 2002, the former Warren County School District Superintendent wanted “paperless” board meetings. The challenge was that not many board management solutions were on the market then. At the 2004 PSBA Annual Conference board members viewed a BoardDocs demonstration and then invited a company representative to do a demo for the board. The district transitioned away from paper and began using PSBA BoardDocs Pro in 2005.

“BoardDocs has provided a tremendous platform for our district to streamline every aspect of its committee and board meetings, including preparation. The level of transparency that is afforded to our stakeholders is extremely beneficial - it is utilized everyday to research historical information and is an invaluable tool for our central office staff,” explained Amy Stewart, Superintendent, Warren County School District.

As long-time subscribers, the district has enjoyed the continuous enhancement of products and features BoardDocs provides.

Miles of Paper

Formerly, the district used antiquated methods to compile board agendas. It took a week to compile the paper agenda. “Everything landed on my desk as it is my responsibility to organize and ensure accuracy,” explained Ruth Huck, Board Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent. “Any last-minute edits were very time consuming.”

The tedious process included compiling 22 packets for every board meeting, with each packet being 200 pages or more in length. This costly method used 11 reams of paper to produce the meeting materials. Furthermore, a driver traveled around the 788 square mile district to deliver the packets to board members’ homes.

Streamlined Processes

With no paper to handle, the district compiles an agenda quickly and edits are easily made. “With just a few clicks, changes are made in real time, ensuring the board members and community have the most updated information,” stated Huck.

Using PSBA BoardDocs Pro Workflow features, each committee’s secretary handles the information to ensure accuracy and Huck does the final approval of content. Huck no longer manages physical paper with the BoardDocs workflow process. Directors and secretaries are responsible for their own information. “It’s definitely much less stressful now,” said Huck.

Better Board Management

Board member benefits are numerous, along with the cost savings to the district. With PSBA BoardDocs Pro the district operates more efficiently and the agenda is searchable for the board members and the public - all the information is right at their fingertips.

About Warren County School District

The District is located in a rural, county-wide setting in northwest Pennsylvania. It serves 4,425 students, offering exemplary education opportunities, online learning, gifted and highly gifted programs, AP courses, technical training and more.

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