Bottom Line…We Save Money - Westerville City Schools, OH

Westerville City Schools' former CFO says the District’s savings from going paperless speak for themselves!

It Was Time for Change

When Scott Gooding joined Westerville City Schools as Treasurer/CFO in 2004, the District had experienced three failed operating levies in three years, was undergoing $14.5 million in budget restrictions, and had severe voter and community mistrust. There was a great need for transparency in administrative and board operations and official business of the District. “We had to do something to address the public mistrust and open board communications. And, we had to build a business case for doing so,” Gooding said.

BoardDocs Was the Most Cost-Effective Choice

“I had actually picked up information about BoardDocs at an NSBA conference when I was working at another district. That board was not ready to make the switch, but when I came to Westerville, board members were very receptive to the idea of improving efficiencies by implementing smarter methods,” recalled Gooding.

Gooding says that they evaluated the solutions that were on the market, and also looked into creating their own, in-house solution. “It would have cost us more taxpayer dollars to build and maintain a solution internally than to adopt BoardDocs. Plus, BoardDocs provides all the bells and whistles! The search feature is huge – I remember searching through old meeting packets for days to locate information on a District issue. Now with BoardDocs, I can find what I need with a click of a button!” explains Gooding.

Exceptional Support and Implementation

The implementation of BoardDocs was a very simple process. “The fear of change was there, but Ari, the BoardDocs President, came in person and met with our board to provide a truly hands-on solution to our problems. It always amazes me that BoardDocs support staff is spread out across the country, but I have never experienced such a high level of customer service. We felt very valued and very important. The Company was as invested in us, as we are invested in the product now,” Gooding advised.

Bottom Line – It Saves Money and Time!

Gooding says that the savings in staff time is unbelievable. He added, “We did a cost-benefit analysis of our costs to produce paper packets versus our costs using BoardDocs, and our net savings are more than $18,000 annually! Additionally, our document publishers are now using the system much more efficiently than ever before, and if we went back to the cost analysis, I think we’d see even greater savings today. Our District has seen so many positive changes since we moved to the system, especially the increased transparency for our community, that if BoardDocs didn’t save us a penny, we’d still be using it!"

About Westerville City School District

The Westerville City School District is located in Central Ohio, immediately northeast of the City of Columbus. Encompassing 52 square miles, Westerville is a growing residential suburb with a student enrollment of 14,558 and is currently comprised of 23 schools. The District’s estimated population is 80,536. The District is culturally and economically diverse, and its residents are well educated and expect a high quality education for their children. Many residents are area leaders in business, the professions, and the arts.

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