What our Customers are Saying

"After examining what we were doing and all the hidden costs, it was a no-brainer, for many reasons, to subscribe to BoardDocs. I wish we had done this five years earlier."

Skip Lee, Mayor, City of Sterling, IL

"Since utilizing BoardDocs in 2010, we have dramatically improved our board meeting efficiency, transparency and communication."

Dana Witten, Secretary to the Superintendent/Board, Emporia USD #253, KS

"BoardDocs is a lifesaver. The City has saved a tremendous amount of time and money."

Andrea Kerr, City Clerk, City of Bridgeport, WV

"BoardDocs changed our office - packet week is no longer stressful. What a time- and cost-savings this has been to our small city."

Robyn Ryan, City Secretary, City of Rollingwood, TX

"BoardDocs has revolutionized the process for Board agenda building and beyond."

Danielle Hillard, Executive Assistant, Kern Community College District, CA

"BoardDocs' solution allowed us to reduce paper usage and operate more efficiently. It also provided us with a way to be more transparent."

Jeena Lynch, City Clerk/Treasurer, City of Independence, IA

"I'm in heaven now that we are using BoardDocs. The City benefited from both a time- and cost-savings and agenda changes are easily made."

Marie Rombouts, City Clerk, City of Sterling, IL

"Immediately after adopting the BoardDocs' management solution, we realized dramatic time- and cost-savings. More importantly, all board information is now available at the council's fingertips."

Marla K. Brown, City Clerk, City of Rawlins, WY

"Incorporating BoardDocs into our culture has produced such a positive outcome, my only regret is that we did not make the transition sooner."

Erin Van De Walle, Business Development Coordinator, City of Elmhurst, IL

"It's the only way to do business nowadays. And from a cost savings point, it makes total sense. Why would you pay more to do something the hard way?"

Luis Lopes, Superintendent, Southeastern Regional Vocational School District, MA

“I would pay for this out of my own pocket!"

Michele Doyle, Administrative Assistant, Superintendent of Teton County School District #1, WY

“The setup and training received from the BoardDocs staff made our implementation and live launch - flawless. And the ability to search agenda items and add attachments and supporting documentation on the fly, beats copying paper any day. Do your county a favor and get on board with BoardDocs.”

Jerry Derr, Commission Assistant/HR Director, Meade County, SD

“The day my division agreed to use BoardDocs Pro was the day I started loving my job!”

Carolyn Bowers, Clerk, Hampton City Schools, VA

“If the order of agenda items change, even at the last minute, you simply click and drag the item to its new place, and the software automatically renumbers everything and moves all attachments with the agenda items. This program is very easy-to-use, and we are very happy with it.”

Christy Knapp, Senior Executive Assistant, Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

"Just wanted to let you know that I have started using the video feature of BoardDocs. Our last meeting has been uploaded, and WOW it is so easy to bring into BoardDocs and segment the video to the agenda item! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!"

Lisa M. Raymond, Trustee Liaison Officer, Upper Canada District School Board, Brockville, Ontario

"When I call the BoardDocs support team, they not only answer my questions, but actually anticipate questions I haven't even asked!"

Patti Iverson, Administrative Assistant, Eau Claire Area School District, WI

“BoardDocs has completely changed the way we do business and has saved us hundreds of dollars thus far. No more printing numerous agendas containing hundreds of sheets of paper and wasting staff time having to find old agendas or looking things up. It’s now at everyone’s fingertips, 24/7.”

Teresa Johnson, Board Secretary, Mid-Continent Public Library, MO

"I cannot tell you how excited I am about BoardDocs. The last packet to the Board of Education was 248 pages. I had to hand number them!"

Julia Watson Tomaine, Personnel Assistant/District Clerk, Pine Plains Central School District, NY

“The BoardDocs process saves time and money. Their new products make the process of putting together the board agenda even less time consuming, allowing us to focus on our other duties. The board meeting of tomorrow!”

Lisa Matthews, Administrative Assistant to the CEO, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, OH

“In the first year, our district saved an estimated $25,000 in paper costs; the savings this year are believed to be more than $30,000!”

Sandra Smith, Clerk of the Board of Trustees, Sweetwater Union High School District, CA

"Don't give me a raise, give me BoardDocs!"

Vikki Carr, Executive Assistant, Imperial Valley College, CA

“For me, BoardDocs means ease of use, requires very little training, is an efficient use of my time, and offers top notch technical support. But just as important, BoardDocs users and BoardDocs staff members really are a family.”

Mary Ellen McElligott, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent, Marquardt School District 15, IL

“BoardDocs has been the single best creative invention for school boards. It provides document publishers with the ability to change agendas or board packets in a variety of ways with ease, in a paperless environment. Gone are the days of compiling 14+ copies of a packet and hand delivering it to each board member!”

Cheri Dunford, Superintendent/Board Executive Assistant, Uinta County School District #1, WY

“BoardDocs makes document publishing so easy. It’s actually fun to see your agenda being built with just the touch of a few keystrokes, and board members love having the ability to view items as the agenda is being built.”

Cathy Spivey, Administrative Secretary to Superintendent, Walton County Schools, GA

"We did a cost-benefit analysis and our net savings were more than $18,000 annually!"

J. Scott Gooding II, Former Treasurer/CFO, Westerville City Schools, OH

“BoardDocs has allowed our Board of Education to rocket into the 21st century with a modern and sophisticated method to share information with board members and the public.”

Wayne Thatcher Esq., Former President, Spackenkill Board of Education, NY

“The meeting went great! The board members are really enjoying the program. The timing for going paperless was ideal. I was able to work from home on my laptop during the Christmas break and copy agenda items into BoardDocs, instead of having to go into the office and make a million copies, create paper packets, and hand-deliver them to the board members’ houses. Thanks!”

Kathy Sloniker, Secretary to Superintendent, Sycamore School District 427, IL

“Thank you again for emailing me the link to Boarddocs that allows me to view meeting agenda items from a PDA. Now, I make great use of my time, whether I'm in an airport, trying desperately to leave Phoenix, or stuck waiting for a meeting somewhere. I've shared this with everyone on my board.”

Dave Evans, Board Member, Chandler Unified School District, AZ

“BoardDocs has been a great time-saver for preparing board packets for the library trustees. By not having to photocopy pages and pages to put in bulky binders for trustees to carry with them, we are able to use less paper and maintain a “green” production of information for our board meetings.”

Karen Vollmer, Administrative Assistant, Addison Public Library, IL

"The BoardDocs method of controlling agenda items saves me so much time. What previously took hours to accomplish is reduced to just minutes, and I can now use that time to take care of other important duties. In addition, it is no longer necessary to use reams and reams of paper printing board packets. Thank you!”

Pat Crumpacker, Central Valley School District, WA

"Please express to the entire BoardDocs family how much I appreciated and enjoyed the conference last week. You guys went out of your way to feed us well and provide us with a great environment. I can’t think of any other company who treats their clients as well as you guys do. I am SO excited about all of the changes taking place. BoardDocs just keeps getting better and better!"

Carolyn Bowers, Public Relations Specialist/Clerk of School Board, Hampton City Schools, VA

"We held our first official Board Meeting this past Tuesday, and everything went off without a hitch! I love the new system and think that as time goes by I will love it even more."

Donna Sidelinger, Administrative Assistant, Ridgway Area School District, PA

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