Tangipahoa Parish School Board Going Paperless

The Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA)

August 5, 2015

By Heidi R. Kinchen

A new electronic documents system could save the Tangipahoa Parish School Board thousands of dollars each year while providing more public access to the board’s records, according to district officials.

The new system, BoardDocs, will allow the public to view School Board agendas, supporting documents and board actions, including voting results, at the school system’s website, tangischools.org. The documents will be archived there automatically and can be accessed by meeting date or using a search feature.

The switch to a paperless system will provide “a basis for better and more open communication with the public, while dramatically increasing productivity and saving thousands of dollars annually,” board secretary Cynthia Jenkins said in a news release.

The new system also will give board members more time to prepare for their meetings.

“Under the old paper system, the meeting packet could not be distributed until every document had been prepared, submitted and approved,” Jenkins said.

Board members also may search for best practices from hundreds of other organizations using the system, Jenkins said.

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