BoardDocs Feature Matrix

Trying to decide which solution is best for you - BoardDocs Pro or BoardDocs LT? Simply check out this handy feature matrix to see what features are available in each of our solutions.

General Features
BoardDocs Pro
BoardDocs LT
Goals with KPI Support
Board Member Pages
User-Categorized Library Documents
Context Sensitive Search
MetaSearch for Best Practices of Public Documents from Similar Organizations
Private Annotations (Sticky Notes)
No Charge, 7 x 24 Toll-Free, Dedicated, US-based Technical Support for All BoardDocs Users
Comprehensive Technical, Publisher and End-User Guides
On Site Training
100% Web Application. No Software or Apps to load or maintain. (1)
Internet-Connected Tablets Support including Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and Android devices
XML for all Public Documents (Automatically feeds Dynamic Data to Organization’s Web Site)
Social Network Document Sharing via Email, Facebook and Twitter
Low Bandwidth, Reduced Data Technology for Fast Access
Automatic Generation of Public Access Web Interface
Automatic Generation of Intranet Web Interface
Integrates with Existing Web Site
Word Processing Style Formatting for Documents
Imbedded Files and Attachments with Group Security
Spell Checker
Spell Check While you Type
HTML Links
Internal Cross Linking of Documents
256 -Bit SSL Security for Authenticated Users
Integrated Audio Player for MP3 Files
Automatic Date, Time and Access Time Stamp for all Documents
Dynamic, Customizable Packets for Board, Administrators and the Public
Board Member Customization of Individual Packets (2)
Support for Windows, Macintosh, iOS, PlayBook OS, HP Web OS, Android and Linux Platforms with no Client Configuration or Software Installation (1)
Role-Based Email Notification
User-Customizable Interface with Support for Organization Logos, Text, Photos, Headers and Banners
User-Customizable Templates for all Printed Documents with Support for Headers, Footers and Organization Logos
BoardDocs Manager for Easy Management of User Accounts and Group Assignment
Meeting Agenda Features
Designation of Current Meetings for Quick and Easy Access
Ability to Select Meetings to be Included in Packets (Featured Meetings)
Automatic Dynamic Agenda Creation
Instant Access to Any Agenda Item from Fully Expanded Agenda
Quick Print of any Meeting Agenda, Agenda Item or Entire Packet
Scrollable Full Screen Packet
Unlimited Number and Types of Meetings
Quick Access to and Search of Meeting Minutes
User Definable Global Agenda Template
Ability to Add Future Meeting to Calendar (vCal) (2)
Listen to Any Meeting Agenda Item
Meeting Video Support with Indexed Playback of Meeting Video from Meeting Dashboard
Management of Agenda Item Tagging/Linking to Meeting Video with Playback from Agenda Item
Agenda Item Level Security (Withhold any Agenda Item from the Public)
Granular Security Within Agenda Items (Withhold entire meeting, agenda item,attachment, or portions of any agenda item from public)
Support for Three Levels of Security within Agenda Items
Customizable Agenda Items Workflow Process with Track Changes and Notes
Agenda Item Approval Process with Support for Unlimited Number of User Customizable Approval Trees
Ability for Individual Submitters to Create and Manage Draft Agenda Items and Templates for Reoccurring Agenda Items
Approvers Able to Edit and Annotate Items During the Approval Process with Track Changes
Detailed Tracking of Submittal and Approval Process with Support for Electronic Signatures
Reporting and Tracking of Approval Process by Tree or by Meeting
Ability of Publisher to Override Tree Selection, Restart Approval Process or Force Approval of Any Agenda Item
Selective Control of Access to Draft Meetings by user Role
Linking and Tracking of Board Goals to Agenda Items
User Customizable Agenda Types
Drag and Drop Agenda with Auto Numbering (Attachments Automatically Follow Agenda Items)
User-Selectable Auto Agenda Numbering
User-Customizable Agenda Categories
Meeting Management with Separate Screens for Board Members, Board Chair, Meeting Moderator and Public
Comprehensive Meeting Action Management with Support for Multiple Motions, Votes, Action Details, Minutes Notations, Consent Items, Roll Call, Manual and On-Line Voting
Dynamic Speaker Recognition Allows Board Members to Electronically Tag Agenda Item(s) for Discussion (2)
Customizable Speaker Count-Down Timer
Minutes Gathering Screen for Tracking Meeting
Template-Based Minutes Generator with Post Editing Support
Selection of Public ScoreBoards for Projection in Meeting Room
Crylon Video Overlay of Meeting Progress for Broadcast-Ready Graphics (2)
Automatically Archive Meetings
Linking of Minutes to Previous Meeting with Auto Public Release once Approved by the Board
Draft Meeting Support with Track Changes
Policy Management Features
User Manages and Publishes Policy Book
Cut and Paste from Word, Excel, Google Docs, WordPerfect, Ami Pro, RTF, HTML or Text Format.
Links to Legal Basis
Complete Policy Development with Support for Revisions with Track Changes
Archiving of Retired Policies
Instant Availability of Active Policies via Online Policy Book Once Approved
Ability to Include Policies Under Consideration in Packets
Unlimited Number of Policy Books (Policies, Procedures, Manuals, Standards, Codes)
User-Defined Categories and Codification
Support for Text Markups Including Strike-through, Color and Underline
Policy Cross-Referencing
Initial Policy Book Publication Service
Link to Existing External Web-Based Policy System
Does Not Require Sending of Policies to 3rd Party for Publication
Sample Policies
On-Line Policy Collaboration with Delegated Policy Services
Link to or Direct Attachments of On-Line Forms
Library Features
Board Goal Development, Tracking and Reporting
Customizable Board Member Profile Pages with Support for Private Executive Information
Calendar Events Facilitates Shared Board or Public Calendar
Ability to Create Public and Private Library Documents with Custom Categories. Allows the management of Friday Packets
Ability for Publishers to Feature any Library Item for Inclusion in Packet(s)
Ability for Authenticated User to Add Library Items to Individual Packet (2)
Support for Unlimited Attached Files with Group Security
Support for Imbedded Graphics
Automatic Date-Driven Publication and Removal
Ability to Direct Selected Items to Staff/Board
Ability to Share Selected Items with Public
Automatic Archiving
User-Defined Library Categories
Technical and Hosting
Advanced Redundant Cloud Hosting Multi Site Cloud Infrastructure Powered by Oracle/Sun
Daily Backup Service with 30 Day History to NAS
Dual SAS 70 Type II and Tier 3-Certified Hosting Environment
Database Replication to Local Customer Site
Customer Provided Source and Object Code
Automatic Encryption of All Data
Physically Secure Servers (Bio Card, Code and Key Required for Access to Server Facility, Video Monitored)
  1. For best performance, BoardDocs recommends using the latest version of your browser. Supported browsers include IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  2. Announced feature to be released
  3. In select states, additional state-specific sample policies are available; subject to participation by the state association.
  4. for an additional fee

Last updated 04/15/16

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