Whitewater Governance: Helping Your Board Navigate Turbulent Times

Today’s school boards find themselves governing in particularly challenging times. School boards are regularly having to make decisions on issues where few (if any) good options are available, and the stakes are high. Board members know that if the community isn’t engaged appropriately in those decisions, the backlash could be severe. But, just as navigating whitewater rapids in a kayak can be exhilarating, boards can find that the toughest situations involve the most rewarding work. Whendone right, challenging situations create an opportunity for the board to establish a closer relationship with the community – one founded on transparency, open and honest communication, constructive civic engagement, and mutual trust.

Join our webinar “talk show” - featuring a panel of school board leaders - for a frank, open dialog on how you can help your board navigate turbulent times. We’ll discuss strategies, tips, and techniques you can use with your own board, by focusing attention on:

• Ensuring clarity on the mission and core values of the school district
• Aligning goals with the available resources – including human resources, technology, funding, and infrastructure
• Managing and mitigating risk – including reputational risk
• Leveraging technology tools to establish open communication with stakeholders
• Engaging in advocacy to gain support on key issues from legislators and other key influencers

You’ll leave the session with some tactical ideas, practical strategies, and some useful “lessons learned.”

Thursday, August 24
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST
Free Webinar

Mr. Kevin Ciak, NSBA President and Board Member, Sayreville School District (New Jersey)
Dr. William Christensen, Superintendent, Sidney Central School District (New York)
Ms. Ruth Huck, Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary, Warren County School District (Pennsylvania)
Ms. Amy Stewart, Superintendent, Warren County School District (Pennsylvania)

Ms. Dottie Schindlinger, VP & Governance Technology Evangelist, BoardDocs (part of the Diligent Corporation)

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