BoardDocs is Priceless!

The Story of Hesston USD 460, KS

When Hesston Schools in Kansas switched to paperless meetings, their board became more effective from day one!

Makes Life Easier

“Using BoardDocs not only saves Hesston Schools time and money … it makes life a whole lot easier!” says Judy Reimer, Clerk of the Board. According to Reimer, the timesavings are more than 50%. But the printing, reproduction and distribution costs are the most measurable. “Before BoardDocs was adopted in 2007, we were averaging 28 pages per packet for at least 18 meetings per year for nine board meeting participants. That’s nearly 5,000 pieces of paper a year we are no longer printing now! Not to mention the mileage and gas we spent hand-delivering packets to board member homes prior to each meeting.”

It All Started at NSBA

“We first saw BoardDocs at the 2006 NSBA Annual Conference. At the time, the district was on the edge of using technology, more and more: state assessments were moving online, teachers were beginning to use more technology in classrooms, etc. Our board wanted to lead that transition. I remember board members saying ‘Why are we using pencil and paper when we know the communication of our industry is going to be Internet-based?’ We decided to take a closer look at the product after attending a session presented by BoardDocs Creator and President Ari Ioannides,” Reimer said.

Intuitive and Seamless

District representatives credit BoardDocs’ user-friendly format for the successful transition. “There was very fast learning curve for everyone. And after using BoardDocs for nearly eight years, we only have one board member remaining from those who first adopted the service. Yet the system is so intuitive, new board members get a handle on it very quickly,” said Reimer. “Also, when you say 24x7 customer service, it’s the truth! The support team is extremely responsive, professional and thoughtful, regardless of the hour of the day.”

Transparency and Comprehensive Features

District Superintendent Paul Becker pointed out that BoardDocs was not only chosen based on the ease-of-use and savings. “Improved communication is the best benefit. Patrons can at any time access BoardDocs to see current or past board meetings with ease,” said Becker. “In addition, I use it to write a weekly update to the board. It is much more private/confidential than sending an email or a note by postal mail.”

Board of Education President Mick Petrocci commented, "Most importantly, all board information is available at your fingertips. It’s so easy to navigate through BoardDocs and very nice to have a confidential area for board member eyes only."

In Summary…

“Before becoming Superintendent at Hesston, I never had experienced BoardDocs or any other similar tool,” says Becker. “It saves time, postage and paper. I can also add information to the board at any time after the agenda has been activated. Now that I've used BoardDocs, there is absolutely no better way to prepare for board meetings!”

About Hesston Schools

Hesston USD 460 is a public K-12 district located in Hesston, KS, serving approximately 830 students.

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