BoardDocs Launches “Social Sharing”

Now, BoardDocs Users Can Share Information On Facebook, Twitter and eMail

ATLANTA (February 11, 2011) — BoardDocs, the world leader and pioneer of eGovernance, has set a new industry standard with the release of Social Sharing, a new service enhancement that further increases transparency by providing the ability to share any Public item in BoardDocs via Facebook, Twitter and eMail. Now, stakeholders can tweet, post or blast information that can be found on an organization’s Public BoardDocs site via the social networking sites or eMail.

Additionally, authenticated users of the system can eMail or get direct links to items to securely share information not yet released to the public. When sharing private items, BoardDocs maintains world class security on sensitive information by requiring the user to login to access the information.

"Stakeholders are looking to share information that interests them about their public institutions. The ability to quickly share information found in BoardDocs via social media provides a platform that extends the conversation to more people," said BoardDocs President and Creator, Ari Ioannides. "Organizations can now leverage social media to further engage constituents."

The new Social Sharing feature contains four options for public meetings, public agenda items, active policies and public library items:

This latest release is one in a series of new enhancements that provides unprecedented access to BoardDocs documents. The Company recently extended the popular XML capabilities to the entry level BoardDocs LT solution. With XML capabilities, BoardDocs LT organizations can dynamically drive BoardDocs Data into their Web site. When data changes in BoardDocs, the organization’s site is automatically updated, saving Web master time and improving overall board efficiencies and communications.

These recent enhancements demonstrate BoardDocs ongoing commitment to increase stakeholder transparency by leveraging the power of the Cloud to provide information over a wide variety of platforms and devices. BoardDocs services provide subscriber interaction and customization that’s radically superior to the competition with features that deliver an overall richer user experience. Plus, BoardDocs next-generation services save organizations time and money, and enable them to operate more effectively from day one.

For more information about BoardDocs’ cloud-based services, call (800) 407-0141 or visit to experience our premier eGovernance solutions firsthand.

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About BoardDocs Developed and marketed exclusively by Emerald Data Solutions™, Inc., BoardDocs is the market leader and pioneer of eGovernance solutions. Serving more than 425 organizations nationwide, BoardDocs’ paperless agenda services offer governing bodies turn-key electronic solutions for processing virtually any type of governance document, including agenda items, supporting documents, policies, procedures and more. BoardDocs’ services alleviate the enormous task of assembling, printing, distributing and revising board packets. BoardDocs’ unique, state-of-the-art solutions save taxpayers money, reduce staff time, improve board effectiveness, increase transparency in governance and have a positive effect on the environment. For more information, visit or call (800) 407-0141.

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