BoardNews: Winter 2011

Welcome to the first 2011 edition of BoardNews! Last year, BoardDocs unveiled the most advanced eGovernance solution available and a record number of organizations made the switch to paperless meetings. As more governing bodies embrace technology for better business, we are excited to explore new best practices for governance with you.

This quarter, we will investigate the latest in hand-held technology via "tablets" with BoardDocs President and Creator Ari Ioannides. We interviewed one City Administrator about his council's decision to implement BoardDocs. We have also included a local story about one high school programming club that is making monumental contributions to an international disease-prevention project through technology, as well as a few success stories that our subscribers have shared with us.

We hope you enjoy this edition and will share it with others who are interested in Technology and Education. Also, the BoardDocs team has a full calendar of events, so please check our Upcoming Events page often to find out when we'll be in your area or at a conference you may be attending. Lastly, mark your calendar for our 9th Annual BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop -- details below!

As always, please respond directly to the BoardNews Editor with any feedback you may have. Thanks for reading!

Christen Clegg
BoardNews Editor

Get Ready for the Next Tech Breakthrough
BoardDocs President Ari Ioannides Chimes In On the Ever-expanding Tablet Offerings
I continue to believe that the future of hand-held computing, and to a lesser extent personal computing in general, will be defined by tablet computing. This revolution, started by eReaders and transformed by the Apple iPad, will continue to gain ground on traditional PC Based computing. Read More

Editor's Interview with Othello, WA City Administrator Ehman Sheldon
A Conversation on the City of Othello's Decision to Adopt Effective Paperless Meetings
In BoardNews, we often highlight school districts that have chosen BoardDocs to save time, save money and improve board effectiveness through eGovernance. In this edition, we'll talk to Othello, WA City Administrator Ehman Sheldon about his experience switching to electronic meetings. Read More

BoardDocs Named to Top 100 Products of 2010 by District Administration Magazine
BoardDocs has been named a “Top 100 Product of 2010” by District Administration readers. Readers of the magazine are the top public school administrators in the country, and they know from experience what does and does not work within their districts. As part of its annual award program, District Administration asked for nominations of innovative products and services that have made a positive difference in their districts in 2010. Read More

Emerald Data Solutions Funds Local High School Programming Club's Efforts in Stanford University Project
New Funding Will Enable Students to Further Raise Park City High School’s Rating Among Group Participants
The Park City High School (PCHS) Programming Club is leading national efforts among online protein folding teams to help find cures for diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease, and many Cancers. New funding received through the Park City Education Foundation will enable members to build two new computers, which will help the students further increase the school’s project ranking. Read More

BoardDocs Subscriber Recipient of 2010 Urban School Board Excellence Award
The Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners was honored with the award from the Council of Urban Board of Education (CUBE)
It wasn't so long ago - less than a decade, in fact - that the Baltimore City Public Schools were considered Exhibit A for the problems facing urban education. But how times have changed for the better. The district has made double-digit state test score gains, significantly improved the performance of minority students, increased public support in measurable way, and sharply cut the number of student dropping our of school. Read More

Join BoardDocs at NSBA's 71st Annual Conference in San Francisco, April 9-11, 2011
Be sure to stop by Booth #1001 to experience BoardDocs' next-generation, eGovernance services – the fastest, easiest and most powerful paperless agenda solutions available. Also, for 2011, NSBA has chosen to showcase a very important session that we'd like to call to your attention: Ari Ioannides, President, Emerald Data Solutions, Dr. Gary Cohn, Superintendent, Everett Public Schools, WA, and Fulton County Schools, GA Board Members Julia Bernath and Gail Dean will discuss how easy and inexpensive it is to implement paperless solutions for public governance that dramatically increase board effectiveness. Read More

2011 BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop Announcement
Save the Date!
BoardDocs is pleased to announce that we will return to Park City, UT for the 2011 BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop on September 15th and 16th. The Forbes Five Star, AAA Five Diamond Stein Eriksen Lodge has been selected as our host property once again! Read More

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