Communication Transformation for Harrisonville Cass Schools, MO

Harrisonville Cass School District’s decision to switch to paperless board meetings with BoardDocs has transformed its internal communication with staff.

Easy Access to Information

A primary goal of the District, located in Harrisonville, Missouri, is to provide easy access to documents for staff members and engage them in the larger workings of the school district. District officials said that BoardDocs is the answer.

Better Access for the Staff

According to Susan Brooker, Secretary to the Superintendent and School Board, the District wanted to find a reliable tool to give staff immediate, and convenient access to district information. “Before BoardDocs, a teacher would have to call and request specific information. Now, I just direct them to the appropriate place on BoardDocs where it is stored. For example, if teachers want to find salary information, they can just go on BoardDocs to find it right from the computer they are using.” Brooker said that staff can access past information in addition to current information because everything is archived.

“We were trying to get teachers to focus on all aspects of education so we put a link to BoardDocs on our home page.” Brooker said. Assistant Superintendent Doug Van Zyl said that easy online access allows District stakeholders the ability to see what the board is talking about without having to attend every board meeting.

No More Waiting, Publishing is Easy

District officials also said that document sharing makes it easier for personnel to contribute items to the board packet. Brooker, who is in charge of putting the board packet together, said that she no longer has to wait until the staff submits documents before publishing or printing the board packet. Additionally, board members can view the submitted board documents as the packet is being created. “I can publish a board document in the packet as I receive it. If someone is late in getting a document to me, I no longer have to put the entire board packet on hold,” Brooker said. “BoardDocs allows us to give the board so many things ahead of time so there is no quick learning.” Moreover, Harrisonville school officials said that BoardDocs helps board meetings to go faster because board members have ample time to review packet information and do not have to file through reams of paper to find what they are looking for.

BoardDocs minutes-generator feature makes board meeting summaries easier to create and distribute. Brooker said that in the past, she would write a summary page to distribute to staff after a board meeting. “Now I just type it up in BoardDocs’ generated minutes and it automatically extracts a shell of the meeting. I leave it as is. It’s less work.”

“I just love everything about it,” Brooker said.

About Harrisonville Cass School District

Harrisonville Cass School District in Harrisonville Missouri hosts a population of about 2,500 students. The district has been accredited with Distinction in Performance by the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education for the past two years. Additionally, Harrisonville High School is an A+ School accredited by the North Central Association.

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