Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I build an agenda with BoardDocs?

    Simply create your categories and items, and then drag and drop them anywhere on the agenda. BoardDocs will automatically number the items according to your preference. BoardDocs also supports the creation of “draft meetings” that authorized users can view prior to a meeting and the agenda’s release.

  • Who decides what the public can see and when?

    Your organization has complete control over who sees what meetings, documents and agenda items, and the number of days these materials are available.

  • How does information “go live” in the BoardDocs portal? What about making it available for public view?

    Agendas, meetings and attachments automatically post to BoardDocs when you want them to. There is no need to send documents to IS, IT or the Web master for further processing. Simply activate your agenda to make the information available through the BoardDocs public interface for your organization. During a meeting, use the BoardDocs Scoreboard to let the public follow your agenda and meeting results. Before or after the meeting, the public and the press can access all public documents via your organization’s website.

  • How do we add documents into the BoardDocs database?

    Build or "cut and paste" document content just like you would with standard office software. Drag and drop attachments into your documents. Materials can also be submitted to your document publisher for review and approval.

  • What about paper documents?

    Simply scan documents (even very large policy manuals) into a PDF format, then attach them to agenda items, news stories or policies.

  • What kind of attachments does BoardDocs support? How many attachments can we place in an agenda item?

    BoardDocs supports all types of attachments; however, we recommend PDFs to ensure portability across devices, readability and maximum file compression. You can upload an unlimited number of attachments to each agenda item.

  • Can users take notes in BoardDocs?

    BoardDocs Pro features an integrated "annotation" function. Authenticated users can categorize and manage their notes and store them privately in a separate database.

  • Does BoardDocs have a spell checker?

    Both BoardDocs and BoardDocs LT have spell checkers and support SCAYT (spell check as you type).

  • Does BoardDocs track voting?

    With BoardDocs Pro and Plus, board members can vote online, and your organization can track the action or motion, who made the motion, who seconded the motion and how each board member voted. Scoreboard lets you automatically share results with the public.

  • How do we generate and publish minutes?

    The minutes generator in BoardDocs Pro and Plus lets you use information in the system to draft minutes, then modify and format them to your specifications. Once saved, minutes can be linked to an agenda item for approval as an action or consent item and placed in any future meeting. And you can release your minutes to the public once they’re approved by the board. BoardDocs LT users can import their agenda categories and items to form the basis of their minutes’ documents.

  • Will we be able to print copies of meeting materials?

    BoardDocs lets you print any individual agenda item or your entire packet. Attachments must be printed individually.

  • How do we distribute information not associated with a meeting?

    Yes! We’ve adapted our technology for very large organizations with complex requirements and for very small organizations with more straightforward demands. Changes can include:

    • Releasing agenda items and materials before a board meeting
    • Configuring BoardDocs to your existing policy solution
    • Customizing processes for approving documents and agenda items
  • Will we be able to index and play back audio and video of our meetings?

    BoardDocs supports video and audio management and playback on all supported devices, no special plugins or browser extensions required. You’ll be able to tag and manage videos so users can access any part of the meeting directly from the tagged agenda item or from a video player that features the meeting agenda. Our online interface makes it all possible, without the need for special hardware or expensive video hosting servers.

  • Does BoardDocs restrict the type of data we can publish?

    Company's sole discretion, are potentially illegal, may subject the Company to liability, or violate our Acceptable Use Policy.

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