Introduction to BoardDocs Policy

Hello BoardDocs family! I’m Angela De Los Santos, the resident BoardDocs Policy Specialist. Many of you have worked with me and know my passion for all things policy. Trust me, I know that my affection for policy is not shared by all. Even so, at BoardDocs, we’re trying to change that by striving to make policy easy enough and attractive enough that people will want to update and read it. Easily accessible, updated and shared policy is a critical risk-management tool for any organization. It saves money. It saves litigation. And most importantly, it protects and serves the children and adults influenced by your organizations.

So what can you do to make policy happen? I favor policy parties! Where we all dress in neon and read neglected and overlooked policies projected on a wall while a band plays 70s and 80s classics …

As an alternative to policy parties, your BoardDocs subscriptions offer the following:

  • BoardDocs LT subscribers have the option to link an external policy URL to a Policies tab on your BoardDocs site.
  • BoardDocs Pro subscribers have the same external URL option or the option to import and manage policies within BoardDocs. The latter internal policy feature allows BoardDocs Pro subscribers to publish and archive their local policies. These policies can be formatted and organized as desired by your staff. Policies and attachments managed in BoardDocs are easily searched and shared, making them available for quick reference. This feature does not replace policy consulting services, rather, it provides you the autonomy to quickly and efficiently draft, publish, and archive local policy changes proposed by a consulting service and/or the Board. This feature frees the organization from relying on another source to post policy materials online and allows you to control the speed with which policy changes are published.
  • Finally, some BoardDocs subscribers, who are also members of participating associations, are able to access the consultative services and/or resources of their association through BoardDocs.

Get started, and get excited -- TODAY! Support and training for policy is part of your BoardDocs subscription at no additional cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss the information covered here … or really anything at all. We love to help!

I’ll meet you here next time to share my favorite and most efficient policy editing tips and tricks!

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