Board Management Made Easy

West Hills Community College

California community college adopts a more efficient way of doing business!

How It All Started

The West Hills Community College seven-member governing board adopted BoardDocs Pro in 2013 and upgraded to BoardDocs Pro Plus in July 2016. They first learned about BoardDocs while attending a meeting with the Community College League of California (CCLC), a BoardDocs Association Partner.

“Since the CCLC endorsed BoardDocs by offering it to its members, we took advantage of their recommendation and decided it would work well for us,” explained Donna Isaac, Executive Assistant for West Hills Community College. After viewing a demonstration, the organization was sold on the benefits of using the right board management solution.

The Old Way of Doing Business

Previously, agendas took weeks to compile and printing resources were rapidly depleted. Assembling and shipping packets to board members proved to be costly and very time consuming. “Everything was very stressful and last minute,” explained Isaac.

“We talked for a long time about how to streamline our board meeting processes. While some improvements were made over the years, we needed a solution to reduce staff time and resources and, at the same time, get agendas into the hands of board members quickly,” said Isaac.

A New Way of Doing Business

With the adoption of CCLC BoardDocs Pro, cost and time savings were immediately realized and the implementation process was very simple. The workflow and approval processes offer a tremendous help in finalizing the meeting items to the College’s standards. With the BoardDocs Pro Plus version, each governing body can have separate confidential meetings, separate document managers and separate administrative access.

Meeting Management Made Easy

Isaac personally loves that agenda items can easily be reordered or edits can be made without complications. The workflow and approval processes allow her to know where they stand on submission of items, and during the meeting, the Meeting Control Panel is very easy to use and follow, allowing for greater effectiveness.

Board members love the ease of use of the annotation feature for questions or comments about specific agenda items. Overall, BoardDocs allows them to answer questions quickly for the board and constituents without having to make paper copies!

Set Up Was a Cinch

The College’s first meeting was a “hybrid” meeting where a paper packet was provided, along with viewing BoardDocs. Once the board realized how simple it was to view the agenda and supporting documents on an iPad, paper packets were no longer used.

Loving the Outcome

“We have a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the way we work - especially since implementing BoardDocs Pro Plus. The support staff love it!” explained Isaac. All committee meetings use BoardDocs Pro Plus and excitement is moving through the colleges.

About the College

West Hills Community College has an expansive presence and is known in more than a dozen towns and cities in the San Joaquin Valley. The Colleges’ offerings cover 3,500 square miles with colleges in Lemoore and Coalinga, serving more than 12,000 students in an academic year.

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