Savings from Day One

Southeastern Regional Vocational, MA

When the Southeastern Regional Vocational School District in Massachusetts switched to paperless board meetings, they were amazed with immediate cost and time-of-staff savings!

Saves Time and Money

Bottom line, using BoardDocs saves Southeastern Regional time and money. According to District Superintendent Luis Lopes, the timesavings are more than 50%, minimum. But the printing, reproduction and postage costs are the most measurable, which more than pays for the annual costs of the system. “We were spending close to 19K per year, and that was a very conservative number. We’ve cut that in half and can now use those funds for instructional purposes and education.”

NSBA Beginnings

“We first saw BoardDocs at an NSBA convention. Our board agreed it was a must-have product,” Lopes said.

District representatives credit BoardDocs’ user-friendly format and excellent, on-site training for the successful and quick transition.

“There was very fast learning curve for myself and my secretary, who manages the meetings. Most of the school committee members picked it up right away – and even those who were less tech-savvy found the system very intuitive. BoardDocs was so impressive that we only printed the abbreviated agenda for the first few meetings, and by the third month we were completely paperless,” said Lopes.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Lopes was quick to point out that BoardDocs was not only chosen based on the ease-of-use and savings. District representatives wanted the truly five-star customer service the company provides. “The best part is that if we have any questions, we can get someone on the phone right away. They talk you through any issue and resolve it quickly. Once, we got a little fancy with HTML and ran into problems with embedded code, but after being on the phone only five minutes it was fixed!“

Comprehensive, Innovative Features

Lopes also said that the features of BoardDocs surpassed other services. “Workflow is our favorite tool; each month we find new ways to utilize it, such as using it to improve our requisition warrants. The system allows school board members to review the warrants faster, drill right down to specific items and approve. Tracking budgets is a snap – there is great way to manage that process without it all funneling to my office. It spreads the job of preparing for our meetings, departmentalizes it, making it easier with fewer mistakes.”

“Our committee members love the search feature and the instant access. My secretary really likes the way the minutes are generated; she can input her notes, and in less than an hour the minutes are done! This used to be a very time-consuming process.”

In Short…

“It’s the only way to do business nowadays,” says Lopes. “There is a learning curve, as there is with all technology. But if you don’t have a solution like BoardDocs, you are in the stone ages! And from a cost savings point it makes total sense. Why would you pay more to do something the hard way?”

About Southeastern Regional School District

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School is a public 9-12 vocational high school located in South Easton, MA, serving approximately 1,250 students from the city of Brockton and the towns of East Bridgewater, Easton, Foxborough, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater.

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