Efficiency and Time Savings

A Glimpse into NJSBA BoardDocs Pro, NJ

Long History with NJSBA BoardDocs Pro

Northern Burlington Regional School District has been using NJSBA BoardDocs Pro for over ten years. Originally, the District was seeking an online board management solution to become more efficient and reduce workload. With the former process, board packets were prepared every other week, with each packet 36 pages or longer. A school bus driver was responsible for delivering the packets to the 9-member Board of Education.

“The BoardDocs demo was a great experience and showcased what it could do for our district….now we’re so transparent. After ten years of using it, I don’t know what I’d do without it!” said Richard J. Kaz, Jr., School Business Administrator/Board Secretary.

Streamlined Processes

With BoardDocs’ search feature, all District contracts and documents are easily found and, from a legal standpoint, the administrators do not have to solicit as often for legal language as it’s all stored in the same place. “You don’t have to recreate the wheel with NJSBA BoardDocs Pro - it’s like having an administrative assistant at your fingertips 24/7,” explained Kaz.

Plus, the agenda is consistent because templates and previous wording are saved in BoardDocs. The District can easily review prior year agendas and now they have approximately ten years of agendas and minutes available for a historical repository.

Major Efficiencies in Workflow

District departments have the ability to search all documents in BoardDocs, which greatly helped referencing historical information for their work. Consistency used to be an issue but now it’s very simple and an effective use of time.

“I save a great deal of time! With BoardDocs, everyone puts in their own meeting content and a department leader approves and Richard and I get final approval on all information. We know what’s going on at all times, but no longer have to do extra work. So much time is saved in meeting preparation,” stated Kristie Worrell, Administrative Assistant to the School Business Administrator.

Superior Support

The District said it rarely used BoardDocs’ customer support service in the past ten years because it’s so intuitive. “We haven’t experienced downtime or technical errors,” explained Kaz. “However, when support is needed, BoardDocs’ 24/7 service ensures a quick response in addition to complimentary remote training.”

About Northern Burlington Regional School District

The District is comprised of 2,200 students in southern New Jersey, serving grades 7-12. It offers students a long-standing agricultural program and AP Honor programs.

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