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The Answer to Everything Board-Related

Dr. Todd Finnell, Imperial County Superintendent of Schools, was experienced using BoardDocs at a local Community College. After joining Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) in 2015 and seeing the process used for Board management, he quickly realized ICOE was a perfect candidate for BoardDocs. “I was a little skeptical because Dr. Finnell said BoardDocs was the answer to everything board-related,” stated Lee Davis, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools. “He was right. The technology moved us into the 21st century and took the guessing game out of creating board documents. Anyone, at any time, from anywhere was now able to work virtually in BoardDocs.”

Ms. Davis explained that before subscribing to BoardDocs, each department created, printed and reviewed agenda items physically. Then individuals initialled and approved it before passing the document to the next person. Agenda item workflow with BoardDocs immediately eliminated this cumbersome process.

“People are fearful of change, but as soon as we started using BoardDocs everyone wondered ‘Why did we wait so long?’” said Davis.

Creating Accountability and Authority

BoardDocs allows document publishers to know where items are in the routing process and which staff member is responsible for that item.They have full authority through the entire process and know when it is approved by the Superintendent. Changes can be made at any time.

The ICOE was so pleased with the improved board meetings that they upgraded to BoardDocs Pro with Plus enhancements. Now five different departments experience how wonderful and easy it is to use the solution for their own meetings. “Our board members are up and down the state of California, and BoardDocs is the best tool for members to access information. If you are a larger organization with multiple boards, I would say use BoardDocs Pro with Plus,” stated Davis.

Superior BoardDocs Training

“BoardDocs onsite training was phenomenal,” exemplified Ms. Davis. “We have never called in for support because BoardDocs just works.” You can take refresher courses or participate in continuing education Webinars about features. “They are proactive and listen to their subscribers - always making the product better based on our needs. BoardDocs evolves.”

About the Imperial County Office of Education, CA

Located in Southern California, east of San Diego, the Imperial County Office of Education works closely with 16 independent school districts as well as its public service agencies, businesses, institutions of higher education and elected officials to ensure that meeting the education needs of the children is a priority. It also provides direct services to students with specialized needs through alternative education and special education programs.

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