BoardNews: Spring 2010

Welcome to the latest edition of BoardNews! BoardDocs kicked off 2010 with a host of regional training sessions to upgrade our subscribers to the powerful and easier to use all new BoardDocs Pro solution. We also saw many of you in Chicago at the 70th Annual NSBA Conference where we hope you were "Wowed" by the new system. BoardDocs has a full calendar of events for 2010, so please check our Upcoming Events page often to find out when we'll be in your area!

As you know, organizations continue to look for ways to improve governance as budgets grow tighter and governing bodies fall under the microscope for spending. This edition of BoardNews explores the proven payoffs of implementing paperless meetings. Below, you'll find a very important Company announcement, as well as an article written by Nancy Walser, author of "The Essential School Board Book". We've included an article published by Green Schools Initiative that focuses on the district cost savings and environmental benefits of eGovernance. And Scott Gooding, CFO of Westerville City Schools, OH, shares the story of his District's successful transition to a paperless governance solution.

We hope you will find this information useful and share it with others who may be interested in the numerous benefits of going paperless. And as always, any feedback that you have is most welcome. Please respond directly to the BoardNews Editor.

Christen Clegg
BoardNews Editor

BoardDocs Now Supported on the Apple iPad!
BoardDocs Leading Edge Software an Ideal Match for Apple's State-of-the-Art, Mobile Device
BoardDocs Pro and BoardDocs LT solutions are now supported on the Apple iPad. This support brings together two market leaders to provide BoardDocs users with an absolute best-in-class way to access BoardDocs paperless meeting services. Read More

Guest Columnist and Author of "The Essential School Board Book" Nancy Walser Discusses How a Robust District Web site Can Help Improve Governance
Better Governance: Utilizing Your Web site for Improved Communications
You can tell a lot from a district’s Web site. I know. I’ve cruised a lot of them in my work as an education writer and I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hit a link, and up pops a nice, complete, well-organized site. A good district Web site sends a message that communication, transparency and community involvement are important. Read More

Green Schools Initiative E-News Editor Talks Eco-friendly Board Meetings
Aside from saving thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, in staff time, paper, printing and mailing costs while increasing transparency and public access to school policies, paperless governance solutions save trees and can reduce your organization's carbon footprint. Read More

Spend A Little, Save A Lot With eGovernance
Why Implementing a Paperless Meeting Solution Can Be a Remarkably Wise Investment for Most Organizations
Paperless meeting solutions can save organizations considerable amounts of taxpayer dollars – a top priority in tough economic times when governing bodies are under the microscope for spending. Constituents are also more aware than ever of the lack of transparency in governance, and they are demanding open communication and easier access to information. With cost-saving, online governance technologies readily available, it’s surprising how many governing bodies continue to use antiquated paper meeting packets. Read More

Bottom Line ... We Save Money: Westerville City Schools' eGovernance Makeover
Westerville City Schools' CFO says the District’s savings from going paperless speak for themselves!
When Scott Gooding joined Westerville City Schools as Treasurer/CFO in 2004, the District had experienced three failed operating levies in three years, was undergoing $14.5 million in budget restrictions, and had severe voter and community mistrust. There was a great need for transparency in administrative and board operations and official business of the District. “We had to do something to address the public mistrust and open board communications. And, we had to build a business case for doing so,” Gooding said. Read More * If you'd like to share your eGovernance success story, please write to the BoardNews Editor

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Each year, BoardDocs hosts an eGovernance Workshop to provide a common arena for local governing bodies to gather and learn how to improve communication, save money, increase transparency and reduce the time needed to support public meetings. Our next Workshop will be held in downtown Atlanta on September 16th and 17th, 2010. As always, this event will provide valuable information to all who attend, plus give everyone the opportunity to meet and learn from the friendly BoardDocs staff and other BoardDocs users in a relaxed and informative atmosphere. To learn more or to register, Click Here

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