BoardDocs Pro Is a Winning Solution

Hampton City Schools, VA

Technology-driven school district realizes superior benefits with the right board management solution!

Many Goals, One Solution

Hampton City School District knew it needed to change the way it compiled board agendas. Carolyn Bowers, Public Relations Specialist and Board Clerk for the district, describes the old process of compiling board packets as cumbersome. The process took more than a day to complete, and any edits had to be made manually. “The agenda was never current” explained Bowers.

“We knew we needed a solution that would increase transparency for constituents, reduce production costs and time-of-staff.” VSBA BoardDocs Pro was the answer to all those needs, and more. With VSBA BoardDocs Pro the district cut down on resource costs, as well as staff time.

Board Member Benefits

Despite the board members’ apprehension of moving to an electronic format, the transition was seamless. Now, board members are thrilled with BoardDocs’ ease-of-use and eliminating the need to store paperwork at home.

During the meeting, the “follow me” button helps board members easily follow the agenda. “Additionally, both the board and public can see the agenda items for the meeting, which greatly increased transparency for the district,” explained Bowers. Furthermore, board members benefit from having access to historical data and library features, and the Strategic Goal Tracking that BoardDocs provides.

A Perfect Fit for Policies

One of the main selling points was the ability to place all policy information online, as required by the state of Virginia. The first time Bowers viewed a BoardDocs demo, she was “sold” on the benefits of a board management solution and a simple way to stay compliant with district policies. The partnership with VSBA and superior customer service put BoardDocs over the top for the district.

Flexibility Allows for Greater Productivity

“With VSBA BoardDocs Pro I can gradually work on the agenda and then add to it as needed,” shared Bowers. Likewise, she loves the flexibility BoardDocs provides. A significant benefit is that during snow days, or time out of the office, Bowers can still prepare the agenda while working from home.

Unparalleled Customer Service

BoardDocs’ customer support is unmatched. “I’ve called and they fix any issue - immediately,” explained Bowers. An example includes a time when Bowers had an issue during a board meeting and emailed the support team for assistance. “The issue was resolved instantly during the meeting by a BoardDocs representative and no board member or anyone from the public knew that the issue occurred. Plus, the BoardDocs representative called the next day to ensure the issue was resolved,” explained Bowers.

About Hampton City School District

Hampton City School District is an urban public school district located in Hampton, Virginia and is ranked #1 in the nation for technology use of a school district of its size. It’s responsible for educating 20,000 students, with over 1,300 graduates earning their high school diploma in 2016. The district is comprised of 18 elementary schools, two Pre-K-8 schools, five middle schools, four high schools, one gifted center and one alternative school.

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