Jefferson City Public Schools Use BoardDocs to Move Towards Open Government

The News Tribune

September 23,2018

The Jefferson City Public Schools (JCPS) Board of Education unanimously agreed to adopt BoardDocs on September 11, 2018, which was then announced in an article in the News Tribune. The move to BoardDocs’ web-based board management platform came with the desire to increase openness in the school district as well as accessibility to the public, while making governing easier for board members.

JCPS Director of Human Resources Shelby Scarbrough says BoardDocs is, “extremely easy to use and navigate,” and that it would allow for both public access and expanded access for board members to view closed-session meeting items.

Board President Steve Bruce remarked that, "It's going to help us improve our governance and help us run our meetings more smoothly.”

Establishing additional clarity and openness is a major goal of JCPS’ Board of Education, as their main focus in recent years has been, “really changing the way that our board does business,” Bruce says. By employing BoardDocs board management software, JCPS is already on the track to achieving a more open government.

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