BoardNews: Fall 2009

Welcome to the first edition of BoardNews, a quarterly newsletter designed to provide the latest information on eGovernance, emerging technologies for education and related topics. From industry best practices to thought leadership to information on our Company and our services, we hope you find every issue of great value.

Each newsletter will host a feature article from BoardDocs President Aristides Ioannides; we'll also be highlighting the views of other prominent thought leaders. In this edition, Kevin Carroll, author, agent for social change and the BoardDocs eGovernance Workshop keynote speaker, adds to the discussion. We've also included a brief article on the history of our Company and the Evolution of BoardDocs, for those who are curious. Lastly, any feedback that you have is most welcome. Please respond directly to the BoardNews Editor. In the meantime, read on. We hope you enjoy our first edition!

Christen Clegg
BoardNews Editor

BoardDocs President, Ari Ioannides, Discusses “Open Governance”
With Ample Tools Available For Sharing Information, Why Is The Government So Far Behind In Opening Governance?
Governance directly affects us all, and, while media focuses on the federal government, most decisions take place at the local level. Cities, counties and school boards significantly impact our daily lives – after all, it’s their responsibility to represent the public. Unfortunately, access to the activities of many governing bodies is hit and miss, at best. Read More

Guest Columnist and Agent for Social Change Kevin Carroll Discusses Creativity and Play in the Classroom
Warning: Creative Genius @ Work!
Think back to your childhood and to the years dominated by playtime, when there were endless hours to fill and the only agenda was to be captivated in the moment, to have fun. But playtime was also productive time, even if as kids we did not realize it. What we thought was entertaining was also instructive. Activities we called tea party, kickball, finger painting, hide-and-seek, daydreaming and tag were also exercises in planning, strategy, design, decision making, creativity and risk taking. It is safe to say that for many of us, our active imaginations were at peak performance in our early years. Read More

The 2009 eGovernance Workshop Blog is On-line!
Want to stay plugged into the 7th Annual eGovernance Workshop? It's just one click away! Follow our Workshop Blog for the most recent updates on sessions, Round Table discussions, Keynote Speakers, posts by industry thought leaders who will be attending, and the preview of the All News BoardDocs. We invite our user community to post questions, short essays and responses aimed at broadening the eGovernance discussions. Join the conversation today! Follow the eGovernance Workshop Blog

BoardDocs. The Next Evolution.
It’s in our DNA.
When Emerald Data Solutions opened its doors 20 years ago, the world of technology was very different from what it is today. The highest resolution monitors were two colors; even shades of grey were not rendered on most computers. Graphical interfaces were not widely used, and Microsoft was best known for the command line operating system “DOS.” For the past 20 years, Emerald Data Solutions has helped leading corporations leverage emerging technologies. Read More

Board Climate Matters!
A board’s culture reflects the beliefs, principles, and attitudes about working together in the governing enterprise. When a board culture is described as “dysfunctional,” it usually means that the governing process is either highly adversarial and/or characterized by uncivil interactions, and it almost always takes a tremendous toll over time. Read More

BoardDocs Quick Tips

California Lists State-approved Digital Textbooks
Following up on their plan to encourage the use of free, open digital textbooks among the state's schools, California education leaders on Aug. 11 released a list of resources they have determined meet state-approved standards for high school math and science classes. Read More

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