Savings from Day One

St. Charles Parish Schools, LA

For St. Charles Parish Schools, selecting LSBA BoardDocs for their board meetings was simply the right choice!

Adopting a Board Management Solution

The St. Charles Parish School Board was trained on LSBA BoardDocs in early 2011. That April, they held their first cloud-based meeting and haven’t looked back. Stephanie Steib, Director of Information Technology, first heard about BoardDocs while attending the NSBA Annual conference. “We reviewed three different vendor solutions, and BoardDocs won our vote hands down.”

Implementation was a Snap

“The implementation process was thorough and easy,” said Priscilla Thibodaux, Administrative Assistant to the District Superintendent. “We had a few follow-up questions as we rolled out the system, and they were handled promptly.” BoardDocs offers all subscribers US-based, 24 x 7, toll-free customer service with every subscription, something no other provider can match. That’s important because even board members can call with questions at any time - day or night - that’s very convenient.

Saves Time and Money

Steib spoke to us about how BoardDocs has helped her District save a tremendous amount of time and resources, and also streamlined their governance efforts.

“The time savings are more than 50%, minimum. But using BoardDocs not only saves district time-of-staff, it also saves us real money. The printing, reproduction and postage costs are the most measurable, which more than pays for the annual costs of the system.”

Unsurpassed Customer Service

Thibodaux was quick to point out that BoardDocs was not only chosen based on ease-of-use and savings. “The best part is that if we have any questions, we can get someone on the phone right away. They walk you through any issue and resolve it quickly.”

Comprehensive, Innovative Features

Thibodaux also said that the features of BoardDocs surpassed other services. “The Minutes Generator is my favorite tool; I can input my notes and, in less than an hour, the minutes are done! This used to be a very time-consuming process.”

“We’re also using the Strategic Goal Tracking and Management feature to readily share board progress. BoardDocs is a great tool for keeping our board updated and constituents engaged in a very proactive manner. Plus, our board members love the search feature and the instant access.”

In Short …

“To date, it has been a very positive experience, and I think everyone really enjoys using it. I used to spend days just putting agenda packets together. Those days are gone,” said Thibodaux.

About St. Charles Parish Schools

St. Charles Parish Schools has a current enrollment of 9,836 students and employs 1,782 administrators, teachers and support staff to serve the widely diverse student population.

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