BoardNews: Summer 2015

Welcome to the Summer edition of our eGovernance newsletter. We're dedicating this issue to the importance of coding in K-12 education. Today, you'll read several articles that focus on why coding is a core skill every child must possess. You'll hear from BoardDocs Creator Ari Ioannides in his interview with the American School Board Journal. Also, get to know the new BoardDocs Policy Console.

Don't miss the BoardDocs team at the 13th Annual eGovLIVE Conference, Sept. 2-4 in Chicago! There, we're hosting "An Evening With Jason Alexander and His Hair" in which award-winning actor Jason Alexander, beloved for his portrayal of George Costanza on NBC’s “Seinfeld,” will offer a unique, hilarious dose of comedy in an entertaining variety show format. More details below!

Now, let's get started ...

Emerald Data Launches Radical Coding Initiative for Elementary Education
National Pro Bono Curriculum has Development Roots in Park City, UT
Emerald Data Solutions, makers of BoardDocs, is spearheading a breakthrough program designed to tightly integrate coding into the Elementary classroom. Age-appropriate content, initially developed at Avondale Elementary School District, AZ is being enhanced and refined in cooperation with the Park City, UT school district. The program will be offered via a grant process to a qualifying inner city district in September, 2016. Once proven, the full curriculum will be provided to school districts throughout the country at no cost.
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The Future of Technology Tools: School Boards and Students
ASBJ Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Vail interviews BoardDocs Chief Architect, Ari Ioannides
Using an electronic system for agendas, calendars, and other board materials -- can save districts thousands of dollars in copying and paper costs, as well as in staff time. The benefits are many, but a paperless eGovernance system requires changes in board culture, and consideration of training, security, and legal issues, according to President and Chief Architect of Emerald Data Solutions Ari Ioannides.
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I Was Bullied and Beaten Every Day. Programming Saved My Life!
The Guardian: At school Daniel Tomlinson's life was made such a misery by others that he thought of harming himself. A talent for coding and the people he met in that community were his salvation.
Increasingly, the world we live in is run on computer code. Some people will decide coding is necessary from a logical point of view; others come from an emotional place of need. This compelling story falls into the latter category. Please support coding in Education!
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2015 eGovLIVE Agenda is Now Available!
The 13th Annual eGovLIVE Conference will take place September 2 - 4 at the
Westin North Shore in Chicago. Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 2 for the BoardDocs Training Pre-Conference and receive in-person training on virtually all BoardDocs topics -- ideal for both novice and experienced users looking to enhance BoardDocs skills. The full conference begins Thursday, Sept. 3 and offers attendees a customized learning experience, empowering them to implement governance practices that make a true difference. Plus, we cover registration, breakfast, lunch and extra conference activities for all BoardDocs subscribers! Register and View the Agenda Here

Emerald Data Solutions is proud to announce special entertainment for eGovLIVE featuring acclaimed actor and comedian Jason Alexander.
Jason Alexander hits the stage to perform his hilarious one man show. AN EVENING WITH JASON ALEXANDER AND HIS HAIR is a comedy variety show that features stand-up comedy, music, improvisation, and audience participation. The performance schedule is Thursday, September 3rd at 7:00 PM on the BoardDocs stage of eGovLIVE in Chicago.
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Explore the BoardDocs Policy Console!
Now Associations Can Maximize Efficiency, Better Connect With Members, Generate More Revenue
Designed for associations of public governing bodies, BoardDocs’ Policy Management Console makes delivering and managing policy services more efficient, more effective and more profitable. This user-friendly solution helps leverage the latest technology to provide important policy services, including: Publication, maintenance and delivery of Model Policies; Delivery of policy news and additional updates; and Hosting of policies for each association member.
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