Toltec School District Adopts BoardDocs for Greater Transparency

ELOY — The Toltec School District Governing Board plans to have a lot more transparency after unanimously approving new software for processing meeting agendas.

District administrators will begin implementing the software BoardDocs, which will allow them to upload meeting agendas and related documents to a website that can be accessed by anyone with permission to see them. This will include the public, unless the district chooses to keep certain documents hidden for confidentiality reasons if they are not public records.

BoardDocs is one of several eGovernance platforms, but one designed specifically for school boards. In addition to publication of agendas and related documents, the district can post notices and events to alert whomever needs to know, including parents.

“Many districts use BoardDocs, and it’s very helpful for the public to see what’s going on and to view the agenda,” said board member Maria Rascon.

While there is a fee to use BoardDocs, there would be no expense planned in relation to making sure the board members have the adequate equipment to handle the application. Teachers have recently had laptops replaced, and the district is going to go through the replaced ones to find the best ones to hand over to the board members to use during the board meetings.

The hope is to have the application in use by the October meeting, though it might have to be put off until November as the district waits to set up a day where the board members can be trained by someone from the company on how to use it.

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