Emerald Data Launches Radical Coding Initiative for Elementary Education

National Pro Bono Curriculum has Development Roots in Park City, UT

JULY 2, Park City, UT - Emerald Data Solutions, makers of BoardDocs, is spearheading a breakthrough program designed to tightly integrate coding into the Elementary classroom. Age-appropriate content, initially developed at Avondale Elementary School District, AZ is being enhanced and refined in cooperation with the Park City, UT school district. The program will be offered via a grant process to a qualifying inner city district in September, 2016. Onceproven, the full curriculum will be provided to school districts throughout the country at no cost.

Ari Ioannides, CEO and Founder of Emerald Data Solutions, commented "I believe it is our responsibility as a society to provide each student with a foundation that is rooted deeply in technology – specifically, the ability to code. My goal is to exhort folks to become passionate about coding in the classroom with a proven plan of action on how, exactly, it can be done."

With multiple code languages integrated into virtually every aspect of our lives, increasingly, the world we live in is and will be run on computer code. Across the globe, economies are struggling to meet growing demand for programmers - a trend that is forecast to continue indefinitely. The real question is what can be done now to meet this demand.

"The main reason we teach our students to code is to develop thinkers, problem solvers and communicators," said Grant Smith, Avondale's Technology Coordinator. "It is an added bonus that our students (86% low-income) are learning a skill that could bring them out of poverty."

Emerald Data Solutions expects to capture key milestones of the program on film, ultimately contributing to a feature documentary about its success.

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Emerald Data Solutions is 100% employee-owned and has been providing technology solutions to public and private organizations since 1989. Emerald Data Solutions is exclusively dedicated to the development and delivery of BoardDocs paperless governance services. BoardDocs was initially developed in 2000, and since the national introduction of BoardDocs Pro in 2002, over 1,500 organizations have chosen BoardDocs as their eGovernance solution.

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