PDFs Just Don’t Compare!

Painesville City Local Schools, OH

When Painesville City Local Schools in Ohio switched to BoardDocs paperless meeting solutions, they were amazed with the features that PDF agendas cannot match.

Agenda Creation and Management Made Easy!

“Our Superintendent first saw BoardDocs at the OSBA Capital Conference in Columbus four years ago. He was very impressed with the product, but at the time thought the cost was prohibitive,” said Executive Assistant Lorinda Wilder.

“So, the district decided to implement a PDF process to go paperless. We were doing our own thing with Adobe, which meant creating Word documents, turning those into PDFs and adding bookmarks. Using simple PDFs wasn’t as time consuming as developing paper packets, but we knew we could do so much better!”

According to Wilder, with BoardDocs the time-savings are more than 50% compared to the PDF process. Painesville City Local Schools’ representatives report cost savings not only in staff time but also in packet development and distribution. In fact, the system more than paid for itself the first year.

“Our Administration and Board realized that BoardDocs offers so many tools that enable our district to be more efficient. For instance, I love how easy it is to create the agendas. I can take a past meeting, copy it, save the items I need for the current month and delete the items I don’t need from the old meeting.”

“There was a very fast learning curve for myself and our treasurer/board clerk, who creates our meeting minutes. Most of the school committee members picked it up right away – and even those who were less tech-savvy found the system very intuitive,” said Wilder.

Unsurpassed Customer Service

District representatives credit BoardDocs’ user-friendly format and excellent, on-site training for the successful and quick transition. “And the best part is that if we have any questions, we can get someone on the phone right away with your 7 x 24 support. They talk you through any issue and resolve it quickly,“ said Wilder.

Comprehensive, Innovative Features

Wilder added that the features of BoardDocs surpassed other services. “We LOVE the search feature and the instant access. My superintendent and board really like the way the minutes are generated. Our treasurer/board clerk can input her notes, and in less than an hour the minutes are done! This used to be a very time-consuming process. I’m also a huge fan of the policy integration.”

Security and Centralized Data Storage

BoardDocs offers distinct and important advantages over PDF quickfixes. For example, PDF agendas require downloading, greatly increasing the chances that confidential material could fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, since BoardDocs services provide centralized storage of data, stakeholders can always be confident that there is only one valid copy of agenda information to be managed. There is no confusion regarding whether or not the information being viewed is current.

The Bottom Line

“Before BoardDocs, I literally focused the majority of my time doing agendas,” Wilder recalled. “Now I can spend about ten minutes each day adding to the agenda as the week progresses and I’m done. It’s just so simple, efficient and effective. PDFs meeting management … never again!”

About Painesville City Local Schools

The Painesville City Local Schools, one of the largest employers in the City of Painesville, has a current enrollment of 3044 students and employs approximately 420 administrators, teachers and support staff to serve the widely diverse student population.

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