Training and Support Key to Success

Sweetwater UHSD, CA

Sweetwater Union High School District officials had discussed moving to online governance as a way of demonstrating how they believe the technology has become the new standard.

Discovered at Convention

“One of our board members attended the California School Boards Association Conference and ended up in the BoardDocs booth,” said district official Sandra Smith. “They brought back the information and we contacted the Company.” That was in May of 2005 and Sweetwater has been placing documents online ever since.

A Great Value

Smith also said that one of the highlights of BoardDocs is that the product is priced to be affordable to help districts move to the technology. Smith said that the value, coupled with the service and value set of the Company, makes BoardDocs stand out among the rest.

The benefits started immediately. “BoardDocs is just a more economical way to do business as well. We actually save money, while increasing our efficiency and our public communication by using it.” Board President, Arlie Ricasa, said.

Training and Support Key to Success

Moving to online governance is a big transition for school districts and it is imperative that a company provide the education necessary to make the transition as easy as possible. Smith said that one of the best parts of BoardDocs is the service it provides to clients. “The Company is definitely dedicated to its clients. It is fair, honest and ethical, and the employees have been a joy to work with. I love the staff to pieces - not just the owner Ari Ioannides, but also all of his employees. They treat the customers very well.”

Smith said that that the technical support and service of the Company was great. “The staff is there twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. You can get a hold of someone right away. If someone isn’t available immediately, the most we’ve ever had to wait for a call back is ten minutes.”

About Sweetwater Union High School District

Sweetwater High School District is the largest high school district in the country, with about 29,000 adult learners and 40,000 middle and high school students, just passed a $644 million bond issue for building improvements and repair getting more than 66 percent of voter approval.

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