A Smart City Saves Taxpayer Dollars

City of Seat Pleasant, MD

BoardDocs - best solution for municipality productivity and efficiency

State-of-Art Technology Improves Communications

The City of Seat Pleasant has a goal of becoming the first Smart City in Maryland by integrating information and communication technology to enhance quality and performance while reducing costs and resource consumption. Overall, this will improve transparency between citizens and the City.

Mayor Eugene W. Grant stated, “I attended the Maryland Municipal League (MML) Board of Directors’ retreat that required training on the use of BoardDocs, a cloud-based board management solution. After using it once, I was sold. BoardDocs moves us closer to being a Smart City and providing smart services while reducing taxpayer dollars.”

Prior to BoardDocs, the City’s process of creating City Council agendas and packets was time consuming and antiquated. “Our old process was horrible. We printed 30 copies of the Council packets and if there was a change, all documents had to be retrieved and reprinted. The City Clerk spent hours producing materials and if something happened at the last minute, other staff members were asked to help in the process,” said Mayor Grant. “About five to ten reams of paper were used for each meeting and we hold a minimum of two meetings a month.”

Tremendous Savings of Taxpayer Dollars

The City staff and City Council members trained on the BoardDocs system on a Thursday and used it at their meeting the next Monday. The transition to a paperless City Council meeting was seamless. “The solution is so intuitive and easy to use. BoardDocs thought about the end users when developing the system - from the novice to the professional - anyone can navigate the program,” mentioned Grant.

Mayor Grant stated that the City of Seat Pleasant immediately saw a savings. “Not only are we saving in paper and copy toner, but experienced a staff time savings of about 75 percent. This time is now used for other job responsibilities.”

“BoardDocs reduced our need for paper - helping us save the environment and planet. It gets information to our City Council and constituents easily - increasing our transparency. It is a tremendous board management solution,” commented Mayor Grant.

BoardDocs LT - A Nice Fit

For the City of Seat Pleasant, BoardDocs LT is a perfect fit. BoardDocs LT provides a means of electronically publishing and revising agenda items and supporting documents while maintaining a search data repository. The City can quickly and easily create, approve and track agenda items and search historical information and much more.

After using BoardDocs LT at one City Council meeting, Mayor Grant is already considering upgrading to BoardDocs LT with Plus. He sees the benefits of added features for multiple governing bodies with separate confidential meetings, separate document managers and separate administrative access. Through Plus, BoardDocs’ services provide a granular level of security so only authenticated users in each group can access their meetings and agenda items.

“If you want to save time, save money and be more effective - BoardDocs is the way to go! Our City is now more efficient in delivering services to it’s residents.”

Mayor Eugene W. Grant, City of Seat Pleasant, MD

About the City of Seat Pleasant, MD

Formed in 1931, Seat Pleasant is a friendly community located just over the District of Columbia line at its northeast corner. It is a transportation hub community that is moving towards becoming a Smart City. The City Council voted to designate Seat Pleasant as a Smart City in 2017, making it the FIRST in the state of Maryland. It is a place where you can live, work, play and want to stay.

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