Community Consolidated School District 181 Launches BoardDocs!

Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills Patch, IL

March 8, 2011
By Alex Keown

Online billboard hosts meeting information for the school board.

Interested in viewing the agenda of Community Consolidated School District 181 before the Monday night meeting?

Well now the agenda will be available the Friday before thanks to BoardDocs, the district’s new electronic board. The agenda will include reports and presentations that have previously unavailable to the public until the school board meeting. Postings on the electronic board will include business and committee meetings.

The new viewing method was born out of a desire for more transparency as well as a green initiative.

“We have set goals in the areas of financial transparency and community engagement for the 2010-11 school year,” said Linda Rio Reichmann, president of the board of education. “Not only will this save money and trees, the electronic board book will help us meet those goals.”

To access the materials visit the District 181 website at From the homepage find the “Board of Education” tab, scroll to “Current Agenda” to be taken to the BoardDocs site, where current and past materials are posted. From there a user can find use the “Meeting” tab to find a desired meeting agenda. To find the agenda or information from previous meetings click on the “2011” tab.

BoardDocs was selected as the online board provider following a review of several products that support paperless meetings. According to Rita DuChateau, communications director for D181, the system provides greater operational transparency, reduces production and staff costs, and allows for electronic archiving of school board meeting materials.

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