David Adkins, Director of Subscriber Services

David Adkins has more than 20 years of dedicated professional experience in the areas of performance-based learning, instructor-led training and interactive learning resource development. With a long history of professional, entrepreneurial, and managerial achievement, he has been actively engaged throughout his career in the development of leading-edge learning and user assistance solutions for a wide variety of software programs and cloud-based technologies.

An expert instructor, Mr. Adkins has personally trained thousands of people on the use of new technologies. He also possesses substantial expertise in the areas of instructional design and communication, and has authored or coauthored over 40 learning and user assistance products that have been deployed by hundreds of engineering firms, government agencies and educational institutions.

Mr. Adkins began his career as a systems integrator. His efforts were critical to the development of successful training programs, courseware products and learning technologies at three integrator companies serving the engineering software market.

Early in his career, Mr. Adkins served as a Vice President of Professional Services at Professional Software Solutions, Inc., where as a member of the executive team, he directed teams of consultants who developed custom graphic standards, software applications, training initiatives, courseware and user assistance resources for ENR 100 architectural firms, engineering firms and government agencies, including the Idaho Transportation Department, Utah Department of Transportation, New Mexico Highway Department and Carter & Burgess, Inc. Mr. Adkins founded the consulting department at Professional Software Solutions and played a pivotal role in transforming the company from a systems integrator to one of the premiere providers of turnkey and custom courseware solutions in the engineering software industry.

During his tenure at Professional Software Solutions, Mr. Adkins also co-developed several innovative products, including the highly acclaimed MicroStation Fundamentals Online Edition, an interactive learning technology for computer-aided design software, and NetSPEX, a standards management solution designed to facilitate the production of engineering construction documents.

Prior to joining Emerald Data Solutions, Inc., Mr. Adkins cofounded Transcensus, LLC, where he and his team developed the innovative SHO performance support technology. This unique technology has been incorporated into two commercial products that provide authoring and playback capabilities for interactive performance support content. The technology offers a highly specialized, moment-of-need learning experience for software users by embedding learning resources within an actual software application to facilitate completion of common tasks. During his tenure at Transcensus, he served in a variety of key roles, including Vice President of Professional Services, Vice President of Operations and President.

An alumnus of Brigham Young University, Mr. Adkins is a co-inventor of a patented performance support technology, and his innovations have received several notable awards, including the prestigious 2007 Performance Centered Design award from EPSS Central.

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