What Can You Do With BoardDocs Pro?

Extend the Full Power of BoardDocs Throughout Your Organization!

As an LT user, you know how dramatically BoardDocs improves the effectiveness of your board and all those who support it. Maybe it’s time to consider BoardDocs Pro. In addition to the LT features you already love, BoardDocs Pro adds the most powerful board management tools ever created:

  • Comprehensive Meeting Management
  • Policy Management and multi-purpose Library
  • Powerful, easy-to-use Workflow

“The day my division agreed to use BoardDocs Pro was the day I started loving my job!”
Carolyn Bowers, BoardClerk atHampton City Schools

Once you try BoardDocs Pro, you'll never want to go back!
Bonnie Stickley, Board Clerk atWinchester Public Schools

BoardDocs Pro is the fastest, easiest and most advanced board management solution on the market. It's available now and ready to power your organization right to the next level.

  • Save More Money!
  • Save More Time!
  • No Cost On-site Training!
  • No Charge to Upgrade!

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