About the BoardDocs Policy Management Console

Put information transparency and turnkey policy management at your fingertips with the BoardDocs Policy Console.

Created specifically for associations of public governing bodies, BoardDocs Policy Console streamlines and simplifies the delivery of policy services. Manage policies for each association member. Quickly publish notices, news and updates. And administer subscriptions, reports and tasks from one interface.

Features designed for ease and efficiency

With BoardDocs Policy Console, you’ll be able to:

  • Customize task queues and roles that are consistent with your organization’s workflow
  • Privately collaborate on draft policies in progress and keep colleagues informed of progress
  • Format publications as web documents or PDF files, with links to supporting resources and attachments
  • Share policies with subscribers with the simple switch of a status button
  • Track tasks to completion
  • Generate usage reports

Talk to a BoardDocs representative about adding BoardDocs Policy Console to your operations.

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