Boost Board Effectiveness

Saving Trees, One Board Packet at a Time

Erie’s Public Schools, PA

For nearly five years, the Erie’s School District has saved a great deal of money and time with PSBA BoardDocs Pro. The old method of preparing board packets was time consuming and costly. Materials were typed, copied, three-hole punched and compiled into board packets.

Last minute changes had to be manually corrected – pull all paper documents and replaced with new pages. “It was really stressful for those putting board materials together. We certainly killed a lot of trees the week of Board meetings,” said Robin J. Smith, Board Secretary.

With Change Comes Savings

PSBA BoardDocs offered the features and training the District needed to implement the solution. After a smooth implementation process, meetings ran faster and were more fluid, plus, all attachments are easily viewable to everyone, including the public.

Smith describes the meeting preparation process and meeting management “transparent and efficient.” Previously, Smith had stacks of paper on her desk that had to be typed into a Word document. Now District staff adds their own items into PSBA BoardDocs Pro for approval, saving her time for other job duties.

“I would tell someone to dive in and start using BoardDocs. It will make your life easier by saving time, saving money, and making staff responsible for submitting resolutions in a transparent and timely manner,” explained Smith.

Greater Customer Support and Transparency

Features in PSBA BoardDocs Pro allow for comprehensive search capabilities. When someone from the community contacts the District looking for policies or resolutions, Smith can easily take them through the search process and help them locate items. Now, the District receives less calls for information.

Additionally, with the District’s yearly audit, auditors can easily access all contracts, agreements and more, instead of digging through paper files.

About the Erie’s Public School District

Located in northwest Pennsylvania on Lake Erie, the District is situated in an urban setting with approximately 11,500 students.