City of Troy, IL

Mayor's Goals to Become Electronic and Efficient,

BoardDocs Cloud-Based, Board Management System - Best Solution for Better Governance

Extremely Flexible Solution Produces Cost Savings

Preparing and managing for City Council meetings use to be a struggle for the City of Troy. Previously, agenda information was handwritten and created in a Word document. Then hours were spent photocopying 200 pages for each of the 12 packets. “We were going through reams of paper not to mention the staff hours required. If there were any changes, this process started over again. This was a serious hard cost to our City,” said Jamie Myers, City Clerk, City of Troy, IL.

The City’s new mayor made it a goal to move to an electronic board management system to create cost and time efficiencies. The local school district introduced the City to BoardDocs. Staff members attended a local school district board meeting to witness its use and immediately saw the benefits.

Amazing Board Management Functionality

“We were thrilled to move to an electronic, cloud-based board management system,” stated Myers. “Staff members could individually enter and change information as needed, creating greater accountability.” City staff saw the power of BoardDocs when last minute changes to agendas were required because changes could be done from home or wherever they were located including on a cell phone. Staff time was given back to the City which allows the staff to dedicate attention to other responsibilities.

With BoardDocs, information is readily available in the cloud, and searchable, adding more surprising benefits - the public and media have access to all public documents right at their fingertips. It reduced the number of phone calls for information and increased public transparency. The population can easily access the BoardDocs site and search data.

Substantial Cost and Time Savings Also Improves City Management

The City found that based on the amount of supplies being purchased, the time savings, and the different computer programs required to produce an agenda that BoardDocs was the perfect solution. The entire agenda is now created in one solution - BoardDocs. “There is a cost to everything and the cost to do it manually is usually more expensive in the long run,” stated Myers. “Truly going paperless has made it much easier for the Council to govern.”

About the City of Troy, IL

The City of Troy, IL is a suburban community on the northeast side of the metropolitan region of St. Louis. With an estimated population of 10,000 and continued growth in the future, the City is seeing an influx of businesses moving to the area.

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