BoardDocs Paperless Meeting & Board
Management Software

Explore the suite of cloud-based services that helps governing
bodies save money, save time, operate more effectively, and support modern governance.

We developed BoardDocs for the specific needs of school systems and other
public governing bodies. BoardDocs services are turn-key, with no equipment
to purchase, no servers to manage, and no extra IT overhead.

BoardDocs LT

BoardDocs LT is for smaller organizations that want a reliable paperless agenda service at a very affordable cost, or for larger ones seeking a powerful entry-level solution.

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BoardDocs Pro

BoardDocs Pro manages every aspect of the preparation, approval and distribution of documents associated with board meetings.

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BoardDocs Plus

Each governing body can have separate confidential meetings, separate document managers and separate administrative access. BoardDocs Plus is available as an add-on for both BoardDocs Pro and BoardDocs LT.

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BoardDocs Policy Management Console

Designed for associations of public governing bodies, BoardDocs’ Policy Management Console makes delivering and managing policy services more efficient, effective and profitable.

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