Make your meetings faster,
more productive and more transparent.

BoardDocs is the intuitive, easy-to-use paperless board software that enables
public education boards to achieve best-in-class governance with a modern approach.

Empowering leaders in public education to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital age, BoardDocs supports modern governance
by providing the right technology, insights and processes to fuel better decision-making and positive outcomes.

BoardDocs is available in two editions, depending on your needs.

BoardDocs LT

Manage Agendas & Policies
Free 24/7 Customer Support
Designed for Phones & Tablets
Cloud-based, No Servers to Manage
Designed for Small Governing Bodies

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Have multiple governing bodies or independent working groups?

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BoardDocs Pro

Everything in BoardDocs LT plus:
Events Management
Board Member Pages & Packets
Multi-User Authoring & Approvals
Deep Library Managment

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Have multiple governing bodies or independent working groups?

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BoardDocs Policy Management Console

Easily publish, manage and deliver association policies and news
Collaborate privately, then publish publicly
Manage tasks assigned to policy team
Designed for associations of public governing bodies

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Success Story

City of Troy, IL

Preparing and managing for City Council meetings use to be a struggle for the City of Troy. Previously, agenda information was handwritten and created in a Word document. Then hours were spent photocopying 200 pages for each of the 12 packets. “We were going through reams of paper not to mention the staff hours required. If there were any changes, this process started over again. This was a serious hard cost to our City,” said Jamie Myers, City Clerk, City of Troy, IL.


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