BoardDocs Paperless Meeting & Governance Software

BoardDocs is the easiest and most powerful software on the market for school boards. With best-in-class security, top-rated customer support and constant innovation, BoardDocs supports key modern governance practices that are critical to the ongoing success of school districts and communities.

BoardDocs LT

For smaller governing bodies taking the first step towards digitizing their board communication processes, BoardDocs LT allows districts with tight budgets to explore the many benefits that BoardDocs offers, enabling you to grow and evolve at the pace that best suits your district’s needs. Users can streamline agenda and policy management, utilize 24/7 customer support, access the platform from any phone or tablet, and save on time and resources.

  • Manage Agendas & Policies
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support
  • Designed for Phones & Tablets
  • Cloud-based, No Servers to Manage
  • Designed for Small Governing Bodies

BoardDocs Pro

For larger districts and more agile boards, including community colleges and K-12 school boards, BoardDocs Pro provides the tools and resources needed to manage a diverse committee structure with features that improve collaboration and incite better decision-making. Leveraging all core features from BoardDocs LT, users also have the ability to automate board member pages and packets, improve events management, access deep library management, implement multi-user authoring and approvals and track real-time progress on goals.

  • Events Management
  • Board Member Pages & Packets
  • Multi-User Authoring & Approvals
  • Deep Library Management

BoardDocs Plus

Available as an add-on for both BoardDocs LT and BoardDocs Pro, each governing body can have separate confidential meetings, separate document managers and separate administrative access.

  • Manage and control meetings and minutes separately for related boards and committees
  • Designate different publishers for different boards and committees
  • Create separate workflows and approval processes with BoardDocs Pro Plus

Exceptional Tool for Peer Best Practices

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Preparing and managing for City Council meetings use to be a struggle for the City of Troy. We were thrilled to move to an electronic, cloud-based board management system. Staff members could individually enter and change information as needed, creating greater accountability.

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Jamie Myers
City Clerk, City of Troy, IL.

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